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Happy Small Business Saturday

Happy Small Business Saturday

As a small business ourselves we love the fact that Junkstock has been able to help so many other small business owner's dreams come true too!

This summer we asked our vendors to share some of the things they love most about Junkstock and how it has affected their business. This Small Business Saturday we wanted to share some of their responses. Enjoy!

"Junkstock has opened more doors than we can count! We have met so many wonderful and inspiring people - not only other vendors, but customers as well. We feel that because of Junkstock we will be able to take our business to the next level and open a shop in the near future."
-Julie Zielinski & Stacy Fahrenbruch, Salvage Sisters & Co. of Omaha, NE
"Junkstock has absolutely changed my life in countless ways. The first time I attended the event, I was instantly hooked. I've always loved everything vintage, and it was a breath of fresh air to find out that I wasn't the only one with this crazy, beautiful obsession. The amazing vignettes I saw were the foundation for my Instagram feed, and I honed in on my style from there. Junkstock has truly helped me to discover my passion, and it has introduced me to some incredible people who have become close friends. When passion and relationships come together, magic happens. I am beyond thankful for the impact Junkstock has had on my life. How would I describe Junkstock to someone who has never been? Three words: A vintage wonderland.”
-Jillian McClenahan, The Anastasia Co. of  Omaha, NE
"Junkstock made me believe in my creations and want me to do more- learn more and create more!! I went from joining my dad a year and a half ago and thinking I was a little crazy for leaving my dental assisting job of almost 14 years to excited for what lays ahead in this new journey. I truly believe Junkstock has helped me explore more and create more. I am in the shop more creating than salvaging these days!! My dad has taught me how to use a lot of tools and leaves me and goes out and does what he loves which is tearing down the buildings!”
-Dawn Backes & Dan Klimesh, NEI Architectural Salvage & Skräp Work of Ridgeway, IA
"Junkstock has helped expanded my business beyond anything I could imagine was possible. It has given me the proof I needed to realize that I have a legitimate business and it is possible for me to work for myself and do something that I love doing.”
-Adam Bialas, Handcrafted by Adam Biala of Omaha, NE
“Our business dream has grown with Junkstock as the catalyst. We grew into this dream full-time since Junkstock. We are heading into our own studio/warehouse from a rented store front. We have been inspired by Sara and Junkstock. Smitten by the magic of Junkstock. We have made great friends and met hard-working makers and crafters, businesses who really do eat, sleep and love what they do. It’s a camaraderie, a heart filled connection like no other festival united as one. The people who attend feel that they are at “Woodstock” in this day and age of the current movement of junk and repurposing that hit at the same time Sara started Junkstock and we started our store. We have promoted Junkstock as the “Woodstock” for lovers of junk, good vibes, connections, music, food, and a festival where everyone comes together to make this the best and most desired place to be for an experience of a lifetime that they won’t find at any other show.”
-Lorinda Emelander, From My Hand To Yours of Allegan, MI

If you have a dream yet to be discovered, come join us at Junkstock next year. Maybe some of the magic will rub off and inspire you to your next adventure.