Free honey for life. What a dream right? For Austan and Michelle “Shibby” Shea, it’s a reality. Two years ago, Shibby and her husband came to Junkstock just as normal visitors not knowing their lives were about to be changed. 

Walking around, visiting the different vendor tents they came across Horsecreek Honey Farms where they met Farron Tucker, a real southern gentleman from South Carolina, and a conversation was started. Shibby was six months pregnant at the time and didn't have a name chosen for her baby. Jokingly, Farron had brought up that they should name their son after him. They pondered on the name for a bit and Farron told them that if they did, they would get free honey for life. 

So, two Junkstock's later Shibby and Austan came back to Junkstock and brought along their son, Faerran. Just as Farron from Horsecreek Honey had promised, he gave them their honey and they spent some time catching up, talking about Faerran and how the name just fit. “Farron was sweet talking Shibby and he convinced us to name our son after him,” said Austan.

"We swear we didn't sell him out for free honey, we just really liked the name and we thought he was a really cool guy," Michelle says. “It’s Irish so it goes with the last name Shea,” Austan adds. "It was perfect."

Faerran is a typical toddler. You can find him playing in the dirt with his toy cars and when he visits Junkstock, he plays with Brutus, the Horsecreek Honey Farms dog. Brutus is an American Bulldog and the name fits. He has a snaggletooth and a laid-back attitude. Brutus and Faerran are the best of friends and they both share a love of honey.

Their story and their friendship is one that will live on forever.           

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