How to get free honey for life: Name your baby after the sweet talking honey man

How to get free honey for life: Name your baby after the sweet talking honey man


Free honey for life. What a dream right? For Austan and Michelle “Shibby” Shea, it’s a reality. Two years ago, Shibby and her husband came to Junkstock just as normal visitors not knowing their lives were about to be changed. 

Walking around, visiting the different vendor tents they came across Horsecreek Honey Farms where they met Farron Tucker, a real southern gentleman from South Carolina, and a conversation was started. Shibby was six months pregnant at the time and didn't have a name chosen for her baby. Jokingly, Farron had brought up that they should name their son after him. They pondered on the name for a bit and Farron told them that if they did, they would get free honey for life. 

So, two Junkstock's later Shibby and Austan came back to Junkstock and brought along their son, Faerran. Just as Farron from Horsecreek Honey had promised, he gave them their honey and they spent some time catching up, talking about Faerran and how the name just fit. “Farron was sweet talking Shibby and he convinced us to name our son after him,” said Austan.

"We swear we didn't sell him out for free honey, we just really liked the name and we thought he was a really cool guy," Michelle says. “It’s Irish so it goes with the last name Shea,” Austan adds. "It was perfect."

Faerran is a typical toddler. You can find him playing in the dirt with his toy cars and when he visits Junkstock, he plays with Brutus, the Horsecreek Honey Farms dog. Brutus is an American Bulldog and the name fits. He has a snaggletooth and a laid-back attitude. Brutus and Faerran are the best of friends and they both share a love of honey.

Their story and their friendship is one that will live on forever.           

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Mother of Junkstock

Mother of Junkstock

Junkstock is known for being one of the best vintage festivals in the country, but most people don’t know that it started as a small idea of a local dreamer and small business owner.. No big corporation or out of town franchise here- just a love story from a gal who adores her community and wanted to make Omaha more fun and funky. She was the first in the country with the idea of mixing live music, food, and junk and she did it on an abandoned and overgrown farm in the heart of Omaha.

Sara Alexander, the Founder and Mother of Junkstock, is very humble about her success and all of the blood, sweat, and tears she has poured into the event over the last six years. She never toots her own horn, so we at Team Junkstock have decided to toot her horn for her and share the Mother of Junkstock’s story.

When Sara first got into the junking business she was a stay at home mother, of two young boys, who had a passion for junking. She was remodeling a house and looking for thrifty ways to repurpose cool vintage pieces for her new home. Her passion quickly turned into a brand new adventure.

Sara started to notice the junking community around the Midwest growing but saw a lack of local events that brought junk vendors and artists together in Omaha. So in 2011 she started some small junk sales in a rented chicken coup at an old dairy farm in Western Omaha. That was so successful that in 2012 she opened a small store in downtown Papillion called The Junque Factory where she sold her unique repurposed items.

In the spring of 2012, Junkstock was hatched up and it was born later that June. Junkstock started with 29 vendors and quickly turned into a pilgrimage for junk, vintage and handmade lovers from across the country. Junkstock remains a locally owned small business, but now features over 200 vintage, antique, and junk vendors that are joined by makers for the magical festival three times a year.

Junkstock is a true labor of love for Sara and her family who now live in the 116 year old farmhouse at Junkstock’s new forever home Sycamore Farms, a 135 acre century-old horse farm. While Sara isn’t a fan of the spotlight, she loves to hear the stories of what Junkstock means to people. Junkstock has been a catalyst, supporting other small businesses and vendors who started at our event with their daydream and were able to quit their day-job and now run successful full-time businesses.

It’s also humbling to hear about people traveling from all over the country to come to Junkstock. We’ve heard a story of one couple who planned their out-of-town wedding specifically on a weekend so that they could come to Junkstock for their honeymoon. We’ve also heard of one Junkstock fan who came to a June show pregnant and a Junkstock vendor jokingly told her if she named the baby after him that she would get free honey at the next event. She came back that October with her baby, named Farrin, to collect her free honey from Mr. Farrin himself.

The sense of community and family runs deep at Junkstock. Each event is like a big ol' family reunion. That is why we love Junkstock so much. For the friendships it has formed and memories it creates. And Junkstock plans on creating a lot more memories as it sticks to it’s roots of peace, love, and junk.

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Spring Ticket Deadlines

Spring Ticket Deadlines

Don't miss the Spring 2017 ticket deadlines!

Snail-mail deadline: Sunday, April 2 by midnight. (Get your tickets mailed to your house!)

Will-call deadline: Tuesday, April 4 by 8pm. (Pick-up your tickets at the gate!)

Don't delay, get your tickets today here!

Love Week

Love Week

By: Abby Lehmer

Happy Love Week, Junkstock fam! Can you believe we are less than 60 days away from our first event of the year?! Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Here at Team Junkstock we’ve been doing just that. Since the start of 2017 we have made it our mission to get settled into our old-but-new forever home. We can’t wait to show you where we’re headed! But first – we want to take a minute to reflect on where we came from.

Leaving the ol’ dairy farm wasn’t easy – so many memories made and lost treasures found in the first few years of Junkstock’s life there. Leaving a first home is always a little bittersweet! However, we’ve been blessed with a growing family of Junkers and we were ready to grow with all of you. It didn’t take long for us to know for sure that we would fit right in at the century-old Sycamore Farms.

What we have come to love about moving is that we get the chance to do exactly what embodies the Junkstock brand – take a fun and funky piece and give it new life! While we couldn’t bring everything, some of our favorite features came with us, as some of you may have noticed last fall. We love the vibe of looking around to find pieces of our past to remind us of those good ol’ days!

In honor of Valentine's Day, this week we want to show our affection for some of our favorite parts of Junkstock! From our fabulous food and junk vendors, rockin’ bands, and support team (who doesn't LOVE the Junk Hunks?!) – to each of you, who love and support Junkstock as much as we do – you make it all possible!

Please join us in sharing what you love most, too!

Happy Small Business Saturday

Happy Small Business Saturday

As a small business ourselves we love the fact that Junkstock has been able to help so many other small business owner's dreams come true too!

This summer we asked our vendors to share some of the things they love most about Junkstock and how it has affected their business. This Small Business Saturday we wanted to share some of their responses. Enjoy!

"Junkstock has opened more doors than we can count! We have met so many wonderful and inspiring people - not only other vendors, but customers as well. We feel that because of Junkstock we will be able to take our business to the next level and open a shop in the near future."
-Julie Zielinski & Stacy Fahrenbruch, Salvage Sisters & Co. of Omaha, NE
"Junkstock has absolutely changed my life in countless ways. The first time I attended the event, I was instantly hooked. I've always loved everything vintage, and it was a breath of fresh air to find out that I wasn't the only one with this crazy, beautiful obsession. The amazing vignettes I saw were the foundation for my Instagram feed, and I honed in on my style from there. Junkstock has truly helped me to discover my passion, and it has introduced me to some incredible people who have become close friends. When passion and relationships come together, magic happens. I am beyond thankful for the impact Junkstock has had on my life. How would I describe Junkstock to someone who has never been? Three words: A vintage wonderland.”
-Jillian McClenahan, The Anastasia Co. of  Omaha, NE
"Junkstock made me believe in my creations and want me to do more- learn more and create more!! I went from joining my dad a year and a half ago and thinking I was a little crazy for leaving my dental assisting job of almost 14 years to excited for what lays ahead in this new journey. I truly believe Junkstock has helped me explore more and create more. I am in the shop more creating than salvaging these days!! My dad has taught me how to use a lot of tools and leaves me and goes out and does what he loves which is tearing down the buildings!”
-Dawn Backes & Dan Klimesh, NEI Architectural Salvage & Skräp Work of Ridgeway, IA
"Junkstock has helped expanded my business beyond anything I could imagine was possible. It has given me the proof I needed to realize that I have a legitimate business and it is possible for me to work for myself and do something that I love doing.”
-Adam Bialas, Handcrafted by Adam Biala of Omaha, NE
“Our business dream has grown with Junkstock as the catalyst. We grew into this dream full-time since Junkstock. We are heading into our own studio/warehouse from a rented store front. We have been inspired by Sara and Junkstock. Smitten by the magic of Junkstock. We have made great friends and met hard-working makers and crafters, businesses who really do eat, sleep and love what they do. It’s a camaraderie, a heart filled connection like no other festival united as one. The people who attend feel that they are at “Woodstock” in this day and age of the current movement of junk and repurposing that hit at the same time Sara started Junkstock and we started our store. We have promoted Junkstock as the “Woodstock” for lovers of junk, good vibes, connections, music, food, and a festival where everyone comes together to make this the best and most desired place to be for an experience of a lifetime that they won’t find at any other show.”
-Lorinda Emelander, From My Hand To Yours of Allegan, MI

If you have a dream yet to be discovered, come join us at Junkstock next year. Maybe some of the magic will rub off and inspire you to your next adventure.

Junkstock Intern Search 2017!

Junkstock Intern Search 2017!


You heard it right folks! Wildest dreams are about to come true for a few lucky college students! We are searching for the best and brightest interns to join Team Junkstock! 

  • Do you love Junkstock? 
  • Are you a creative, outside of the box thinker?
  • Do you love to snap photos and videos of funky, fabulous finds?
  • Are you a current college student majoring in communications, journalism, broadcasting, marketing, public relations, business, entrepreneurship or graphic design?

If you said yes to the questions above we want to talk to you about being our next intern! More info below:

Junkstock Creative Communications Internship

Terms Available
Spring Term (December/January-May)
Summer Term (May-September)
Fall Term (September-December)

Internship Summary:
Junkstock interns will help with all things communications, public relations, branding, advertising, marketing, social media, website, online store, video and production. (In a nutshell: you get to do all of the fun stuff!) Creative Interns extend the efforts of Team Junkstock by assisting with day-to-day requests and ongoing projects.

Internship Duties:

  • Help maintain online presence with social media and updating
  • Assists with writing content for website, publications and blogs.

  • Assists with proofing communications.

  • Assists with outreach to media.

  • Attends events to shoot photos and videos.

  • Creates videos and other multi-media pieces for the website and social media sites.

  • Manage online store.

  • Assists with other communications needs for Junkstock.

Internship Qualifications:

  • Interest and/or experience in public relations, marketing, advertising, social media, graphic/ web design, broadcasting and communications.

  • Strong research skills.

  • Creative outside of the box thinker.

  • Self-starter.

  • Ability to multitask and work on a team.

  • Computer skills essential: FinalCut Pro, iMovie, InDesign, Photoshop and Microsoft Office.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

  • Ability to take direction, collaborate or work independently.

If you are interested in an internship please send a cover letter & resume to:
Danelle Schlegelmilch at  Extra brownie points if you want to be clever and create a social post and tag us with why we should pick you to be our next intern! #junkstockinternsearch

Junkstock Schedule

Junkstock Schedule

I know everyone is vibrating with excitement and we're all ready to get out to the farm for some good ol' Junkstock fun! We thought we would post this weekend's flyer for those who would  like to have it digitally rather than carrying around the flyer. View post to see more!

Junkstock Ticket & Junkcash Giveaway

Junkstock Ticket & Junkcash Giveaway

Hey ya'll... It's time for another GIVEAWAY! Junkstock is just a couple of weeks away {OCTOBER 7 • 8 • 9} and we're getting super excited!

For this giveaway we thought we would give one of you 2 Junkstock Early Bird Tickets + $200 Junkcash. You can use the Junkcash at any vendor on the farm including the food vendors. Now won't that be a FUN way to celebrate the new Sycamore Farms?!

Don't forget... Sunday, John Elefante will be performing on the Junkstock Stage. John is the former front man for the Classic Rock band Kansas. We are kind of giddy about this addition!

Ready to enter the giveaway? Here's all you have to do. Follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below, easy as that!

Junkstock GIVEAWAY

Junkstock Girlfriend Weekend Getaway

Junkstock Girlfriend Weekend Getaway

junkstock girlfriend giveaway

Thelma & Louise, Oprah & Gayle, YOU & your bestie! There is nothing better in life than to have some of that special girl time. Time away from the crazy world so that you can ACT CRAZY!

What better way to do that than to have a fabulous Girlfriend Weekend at JUNKSTOCK!!! Omaha's Original Vintage Festival at our new forever home Sycamore Farms!

We thought you might be down for that! We've teamed up with the brand new, Staybridge Suites - Omaha West to bring our best GIVEAWAY yet!

Junkstock Girlfriend Getaway Package

  • Two night stay at Staybridge Suites - Omaha West. This is a brand new property that will be opening right before Junkstock. It's going to be GRAND! - A $260 value
  • 2 Junkstock Early-Bird tickets - A $60 value
  • $200 in JunkCash - $100 for you and $100 for your junkin' buddy. You can use your Junk Cash at any of our 150+ Junkstock Vendors, Food Trucks or at the Junkstock Market Barn. 
  • Junkstock SWAG!

That's a prize packaged valued at over $500!! Here's all you need to do... Grab your junkin' buddy and enter the Rafflecopter widget below. 

This giveaway is open from September, 7th through the 14th. The winner will be announced on Facebook on September 15th. 

Must be able to travel to Omaha, Nebraska October 7-9 in order to claim prize. There is no monetary value to the prize if not able to travel to the event. Must be 18 years old or older to enter giveaway. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social networks are not affiliated with this giveaway.