Junkstock Vendor Application
for 2018

Are you a musician wanting to rock the Junkstock stage? Email us at hello@junkstock.com!

Vendor Information

Hey Dove, Thank you for your interest in Junkstock! We are so happy to be hosting two shows this year: April 6 -8 and September 28-30, 2018.  Junkstock is held at Sycamore Farms, a 116 year old horse farm located on the western edge of Omaha, Nebraska. The farm is picturesque, a beautiful setting located on 135 acres, with sunsets that will melt your little hippie heart. Sycamore Farms consists of two old horse arena barns, sycamore stables, the old livery, a farmhouse built in 1901, a gypsy wagon, a couple of quaint cottages, some fun outbuildings, winding gravel roads, a big fishing pond, and super old trees that make it such a groovy and one of a kind location for Junkstock .We are so very lucky to have the opportunity to be able to utilize this charming farm year after year. The booths will be spread throughout the farm and in the buildings giving vendors a perfect backdrop to show off your beautiful displays. Junkstock has anywhere from 9-15 bands throughout the weekend, many fun and unique attractions and photo ops, and over 20 different food & drink trucks to choose from. Now’s your chance to hop in your slug bug, channel your free spirit and show us your nifty wares. Just click the Vendor Application Button and you could be a part of all the fun! 



Junkstock is a juried show. Set-up and display are very important to us and all of our customers who come from all around the world to visit the farm! Don’t forget to send us photos of your look, displays, and creative merchandising talents after you fill out the online application. If you have not sold at a show before, please do not hesitate to apply! We love dreamers and creative souls that are pursuing their visions and passions. 


Booth Info

This is not a flea-market type of show. Vendors are expected to have their booths styled in an attractive and creative manner. We are looking for unique and creative displays. Merchandise must be displayed in a way that looks pleasing and inviting. Vendors must have at least one person working in their booth at all times. If you will need relief for lunch, etc., please bring a helper with you.

We have indoor booth locations and outdoor locations.  We no longer have vendors in the “field” locations. Some outdoor booths may be on portions of a gravel path that runs throughout the farm and some are on grassy areas. Some of the indoor booths are on wood floors, some are on gravel, some on cement, some have walls, and some have no walls, it’s a fun mixture.  A tent is encouraged for outdoor spaces but not required. You must provide your own tent or we can recommend tent rental companies in our area. We prefer white tents, but are willing to work with certain situations. 

Each vendor will be provided a vendor badge on a lanyard identifying you and your helpers as a vendor. This will need to be worn at all times. It will need to be worn to have gate access for set up and during the show. It is your responsibility to get the vendor badges to your helper. If they arrive at the gate without it, they will be expected to pay regular admission.

Vendors are expected to keep their booth free of tripping hazards Please keep everyone safe and keep an aisle that is clear of merchandise at all times.


Merchandise Requirements

We are happily accepting vintage and handmade artisan vendors!

We are looking for unique/ one of a kind, interesting, current  items that our customers would be happy to see for sale at  Junkstock! We do not accept vendors selling any “new” items. No buy/sell/brand new products or reproductions are allowed at Junkstock.



If you wish to attend in both April & September, we recommend applying for both now, as they usually fill right away. 

If you are applying for both shows, and want to reserve the SAME SPACE for both shows, the deposit for September will be due at the same time as the April show fees are due. No guarantee for the same space for the September show will be made unless deposit is paid for with the April show fees.

If approved to be a vendor, you will receive an email and text and information for remitting payment. You will have 10 days from the date of that email to remit payment to secure your space. If not paid by the due date, your space may be offered to another applicant. (Credit Card processing is available for an additional processing fee).

All payments are  non-refundable, so before you commit, be certain you are able to attend.


Outdoor Booths:                                                                           

12 x 10 Booth  $300.00

12 x 20 Booth  $450.00

12 x 30 Booth  $665.00 

12 x 40 Booth  $895.00 

*Tents are not included in this price. You can bring your own tent to Junkstock or we can refer you to our favorite Tent Companies in Omaha. 

* If you would like a different size outdoor space, for example: 20 x 20 or 20 x 30 - the booth will be figured at $1.86 per sq. ft. 

Indoor Booths: (SOLD OUT FOR APRIL)

THE STABLES (all spaces in the stables have 3 walls that can be used to attach items to. The space includes lights, and the building has fans.) Limited electricity is available at an extra charge. 2 options are available in the Stables. ** SEE SITE MAP AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE


A: 12 x 12 Booth- $360

B: 12 x 16 Booth- $480




A: 12 x 12 Booth- $360

B: 12 x 16 Booth- $480

C: 10 X 16 Booth- $400


(two points of entry for customers)

D: 10 X 10 Booth- $350

E: 10 X 16 Booth - $480


(three points of entry for customers)

F: 8 x 8 Booth- $350

G: 10 X 16 Booth- $600

H: 10 X 20 Booth- $750


J. Sizes and Spaces will be figured at $2.50 per sq. ft. 


Photos are required as a part of the application process. Please send 3-5 photos of past displays (or displays made specifically for this application) representing your style and what you would like to sell. Display style is very important when reviewing applications. Displays should look well thought out, as if for a darling little shop or boutique. (If you need to create a display to take images for this application, small display vignettes will work great!).

Please email them labeled with your name and business name the same day you submit your application to hello@junkstock.com

If email is not your thing, you can mail your photos to:  Sycamore Farms,  1150 River Road Dr. Waterloo, Ne 68069



There are a limited number of booths available with electricity for an additional cost. Vendors will need to provide their own extension cords. If you are interested in electricity please mark it on your online application. 


Show Set Up & Tear Down



Set up hours are Monday April 2 - Thursday April 5, from 9am-8pm


Set up hours are Monday September 24- Thursday September 27, from 9am-8pm.

All booths must be completely set up by 7:00am Friday morning before the gates open for early bird. 

Vehicles must be removed from the premises and relocated to the vendor parking area no later than 30 minutes before the show each day. 


Vendors may not start breaking down their booth prior to the close of the show at 5:00 PM on Sunday. Vehicles will be allowed on the property for load out after closing only. No vehicles may enter before 5pm. 


Sales Tax Requirements

All vendors must charge the appropriate sales tax of 5.5% on each purchase and cannot include sales tax in your price. You cannot make a sign that says “sales tax included”. Sales tax needs to be charged additionally on each transaction. If you reside in Nebraska you must have a Nebraska Tax ID  to participate in the event. If you do not reside in Nebraska you are not required to obtain a Nebraska Tax ID #. You will use the Out of State Vendor Tax Form provided by Junkstock and the Nebraska Department of Revenue at completion of the event. 



One-day liability insurance policies are usually available through an existing Homeowners or Business insurance policy for a very low cost. It is HIGHLY encouraged that each vendor obtain a policy that provides coverage for their booth space. Junkstock LLC and Sycamore Farms are NOT responsible for any damage and/or injury that takes place within your booth space. Please keep all aisles clear and safe.



Pets are welcome at the farm. Please be kind to all customers and their pets. We welcome the whole family to Junkstock.


If you are accepted you will hear back from us in approximately 2 weeks. 




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